Discussing about terrorists and criminals is itself frightening let alone discuss their activities. Criminals include murderers, terrorists, war criminals and people who have done brutal acts that highlighted their names in the newspapers across the globe. Here is a list of 10 most dangerous men the world has seen.

Joaquin Guzma

Born in Mexico, Joaquin Guzman who is 5’6” is known as the drug lord. You can find his name in the Forbes list of the world’s billionaires. The intelligence agencies are trying hard to catch hold of him since years as he is the owner of Mexico’s most powerful drug corporate. He heads a criminal organization named Sinaloa Cartel. He was considered as the most powerful drug trafficker of the world and one of the most powerful people for three consecutive years. Though he has won such titles, one good thing is that he contributes a lot for social welfare thus earning the title of next Robin Hood.

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar:n:

Dawood Ibrahim became famous and his era started after he murdered Mumbai’s Godfather of crime during the 1980s, Karim Lala. Being an Indian, he became an inspiration to Bollywood’s underworld theme and the owner of D-Company. He was considered as the fire machine of the streets of Bombay. The Mumbai bomb blast planned by him in 1993 made him popular as the crime boss. Dawood is the son of a policeman and is a major headache for the intelligence agencies.

Pedro Antonio Marin:

Born in Columbia, Pedro Antonio is also known as Tirofijo and is considered as the beginner of FARC. A terrorist organization based on Marxist doctrine, FARC is involved in activities like kidnapping, drug trafficking, extortion, murder and many other crimes. The organization has its own military and supporters whose number exceeds thousands. The main targets of FARC are economics, politics and military of Columbia.

Felicien Kabuga:

Kabuga is a multimillionaire and an important businessman of Rwanda. He is considered as the prime accused of Rwandan genocide which happened in 1994. The incident claimed the lives of about 800,000 people. In addition, he is also associated with bankrolling and other crimes. He accumulated wealth by owning many tea farms in Rwanda and had other businesses too. He was a multimillionaire and was connected to Akazu which is a group formed by Hutu extremists. In the year 1993, about 500,000 machetes were imported to Rwanda and Kabuga is thought to be the main person behind this import.

Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov:

Born in Russia, Alimzhan was a great footballer at one time. He made Moscow a big gambling world. He once gave an introduction as “I am a successful businessman, a patron of the arts and a community worker. That is what I call myself today”. Due to his notorious activities, he is thought to be the head of Russian organized crime, smuggling and arms dealing.

Joseph Kony:

Joseph Kony formed a rebellion group in 1987 named Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda. He was a bitter enemy of the Ugandian Government and his activities showed that. The group initially fought against the suppression of the government but later, turned against Kony’s own supporters. He is accused of enslavement, kidnapping, rape, murder and many other criminal activities with civilians too. He is a person who thinks himself as the spokesperson of God and a spirit medium. Kony has been accused of ordering the kidnap of children to become sex slaves and child soldiers. An interesting thing is that he loved wearing women’s dresses.

Matteo Messina Denaro:

Matteo was born in a mafia family and was known as the ‘Boss of all bosses’. This ‘Playboy Don’ was crazy about Rayban sunglasses, Porsche sports car, clothes from Giorgio Armani, Versace, Rolex watches and young girls. He was the leader of Cosa Nostra who learned to use the gun at an age of 14 years. He once admitted, “I filled a cemetery all by myself”.

Al Capone:

Born in the United States, Al Capone joined a street gang at a young age and later grew up to cause devastation to the country. His formula was ‘money is the game’ and was known by the nickname Scarface. He became popular during the Prohibition era and went on to become the boss of the Chicago Outfit. In his early twenties, he became the bodyguard of Johnny Torrio who was the head of a criminal syndicate which supplied alcohol illegally. Al Capone’s criminal activities include extortion, gambling and prostitution. He had an explosive temper and was considered the boss of American criminal enterprise.

James Whitey Bulger:

James Bulger is on FBI’s most wanted list since the year 1995. He used to love History books and Adolf Hitler. In the initial years, he was arrested for assault, forgery, armed robbery and stealing. He was the crime boss of the Winter Hill Gang formed in Boston. He has always had beneficial and trusting relationship with gangsters. He was accused of murdering 19 people making him a wanted criminal. Bulger served as an informant for the FBI for sometime though this is denied by him. FBI therefore ignored his activities in exchange for crucial information about the workings of other groups. For about 12 years, Bulger was on the FBI ten most wanted fugitives list.

Omid Tahvili:

Being a known figure of an Iranian crime organization, Omid Tahvili was accused of charges like abetting, mail fraud, telemarketing and wire fraud. He was once accused of possessing 3 kilograms of drugs but, was found not guilty. He escaped from a prison in the year 2007 after bribing a security guard. His family is connected to various international crime organizations. He still works as an international crime operator with his relationships in Middle East and Europe and is a big headache for intelligence agencies. Taking into account his criminal activities, he is listed as one among the world’s ten most wanted fugitives. He is still thought to have several people working under him.

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