Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries

With terrorism rampant across the globe, one might feel that the world is no longer a safe place to live. Every year, attempts are made to find the level of peacefulness in different countries taking into account indicators like political instability, internal and external conflicts and terrorist activity among many others. Statistics show that there are very few countries that are safe to live in the current scenario. Given below is a list of 10 most dangerous countries in the word along with the reasons for being so. So, the next time you plan a vacation, you may very well avoid these.


According to reports, Syria is the most dangerous country in the world ranked as the least peaceful. In the past, government forces have triggered attacks on civilians like bombarding their residences with mortars, artillery and chemical weapons. These civilians were also deprived of basic necessities like food and medicines. All the conflicts have resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people and a several million people became refugees. In addition, a large number of people were rendered homeless.


Afghanistan is found to be the least peaceful country in South Asia. According to Amnesty International, there is growing insecurity and criminal activities in the country. The still active Taliban continues attacking civilians. Internal conflicts lead to thousands of homeless people taking shelter elsewhere. The government never take pain to assist these people. The war that started in 2001 still continues and as of reports, several thousands were killed in the war. The country conducts unfair trials and applies the death penalty much to the terror of the people.

South Sudan

Since South Sudan got independence in 2011, there have been internal conflicts in the country. There has been constant rivalry between nomadic tribes leading to a lot of violence and casualties. A report by the United Nations says that South Sudan saw the deaths of hundreds of people when there was a violent outbreak recently. It was also reported that some 200 people were raped during that time. This incident was a great hindrance to peace in the country and exposed civilians to mass attacks.


After the US troops withdrew from Iraq, the human rights situation became worse. As per Amnesty International, the government-allied militias, government security forces and the group called Islamic State (IS) have been involved in human rights abuses and war crimes. The areas under the control of IS were attacked by the government. To oppose this, the IS conducted mass killings and abductions including that of girls and women for sexual abuse. A number of executions were carried out after the courts ordered for death sentences mostly on the charges of terrorism.


Somalia has always come under the limelight thanks to the horrible pictures of food-deprived people living there. The country suffers from extreme drought leading to severe food and water shortage. This has left thousands of Somalis to have a painful existence. According to reports, over three million people do not have access to health services and about five million are in need of relief. These people crave for improved access to sanitation, water and hygiene. The humanitarian situation is so bad that immediate support is inevitable.


Sudan is also an African country constantly faced with violence. According to latest reports, government forces have let loose serious attacks on civilians including rape, widespread killings and destruction of properties in many regions. The authorities of Sudan impose restrictions on independent media and civil society. Any attempts for demonstrations and protests are also suppressed. In the past too, Sudan has faced internal conflicts like the war in the Darfur region and two other civil wars. The country also suffers from poor human rights and the citizens have to abide by the strict Islamic law.

Central African Republic:

There have been constant problems in Central African Republic since the country got freedom from the French rule in 1960. Trouble began when Muslim rebels seized the power in a country with a majority of Christian population. But, they had to hand over power to a transitional government as a result of international pressure. But, this incident triggered extreme violence in the country. Thousands of people have been displaced even though presidential and parliamentary elections are going on.

Democratic Republic of Congo:

According to surveys, the most dangerous countries are in Africa and near-by regions, one being Democratic Republic of Congo. Last year saw many protests when the President attempted to run for Presidency beyond the two terms which is against the Constitution. Amnesty International reported that there occurred violations of the rights to association and peaceful assembly and freedoms of expression. In many places, armed groups abused human rights. Both the UN peace keeping force and the Congolese army were not able to protect the civilians leading to a large number of deaths.


Pakistan has faced a number of internal conflicts in the recent years and GPI declares it as a country having very low state of peace. Armed groups attacked civilians including those working for the government and health workers. There occurred a Taliban-led attack in a school in Peshawar which was followed by executions. The last one year saw executions exceeding 300 in number. Cases of disappearances continue to happen with bodies being found later with marks of torture and bullet wounds. There is also widespread violence against women and girls.

 Democratic People’s Republic of Korea:

Also known as North Korea, this is the least peaceful country in the Asia-Pacific area. The citizens face violations of every aspect of human rights and are in a pathetic state. Authorities conduct unfair trials and arrest and detain many individuals restricting access to their family and lawyers. Most of the families are under constant surveillance of the authorities, especially those with members trying to access outside information. Also, there are no steps taken to reduce the abductions and disappearance of foreigners.




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