Top 10 Restaurants in the World

Restaurants are the best places to hang out to take a break from your busy life. There are plenty of high class restaurants to normal ones affordable to common man and it is up to you to decide where you want to go. A highly recommended thing here is to choose one which serves good-quality food. Recently, the top 10 list of best restaurants was announced and some of the good ones from around he world could make it to the list. Read on to find out which are the best rated restaurants in the world.

Eleven Madison Park:

This restaurant which is located in New York City is the number one restaurant of the world. The combination of exquisite food and outstanding hospitality makes it the best. The co-owners Daniel Humm and Will Guidara have put in a lot of efforts to make way for an amazing customer experience. They themselves are the chefs who oversee the food and beverage section. The signature dishes of the restaurant includes roasted duck which comes in different varieties like classic honey and lavender version and honey-glazed with huckleberries and turnips.

Osteria Francescana:

Ranked number two, this restaurant is located in Modena, Italy. It rose to fame due to the excellent dishes made by Chef Massimo Bottura. The restaurant faced some problems initially when the locals were against his style of cooking which later got resolved. His cooking is influenced by art and music and the dining room has three elegant rooms filled with high-quality contemporary artwork. The exotic menu has courses including the Five Ages of Parmigiano Reggiano in which the customers could relish cheese in different textures and temperatures.

 El Celler de Can Roca:

El Celler de Can Roca is located in the city of Girona in northern Spain. The three brothers, Joan, Josep and Jordi are the owners of the restaurant whose creativity made the restaurant reach third position. They create highly stylised plates where the food incorporates multiple ingredients and cutting-edge techniques. The diners are invited to the walk-in cellar where world-class wine is served known for its originality, variety and quality. There are two types of courses – the shorter menu of seven courses and the longer feast including 14 courses.


Located on the French side of the Riviera, Mirazur is very close to Italian border. The chef Mauro Colagreco takes inspiration for his cooking style from the local French region and his Argentine-Italian heritage. He established this restaurant in Menton, France in the year 2006 after working at many other restaurants. Diners get to enjoy fresh seafood and amazing flavours of just-picked heirloom vegetables thanks to the chef’s own backyard farm. His signature dish is oyster with shallot cream, tapioca and pear.


Central, which is located in Lima, Peru, is the best restaurant in Latin America. Chef Virgilio Martinez promotes Peruvian cuisine around the world and helps his sister in discovering and educating on local ingredients and agriculture. The menu includes 17+ courses which reflect the chef’s research into ingredients. Diners are treated with Peruvian cuisine including some popular dishes like ceviche and exotic vegetables, herbs and fruits mostly unknown to them. Courses on the tasting menu include Marine Soil with razor clams, Spiders on a rock with crab, mussel and abalone etc.

 Asador Etxebarri:

Asador Etxebarri is a restaurant located in Axpe, Spain and ranks sixth. The rural setting, the ambience, the chef and the barbecuing techniques make the restaurant unique. Super-fresh ingredients are used to make the dishes which are usually simple. The owner and Chef Victor Arguinzoniz uses grill cooking to make these lip-smacking dishes. The simplest and the most outstanding plates you can find here are giant Palamos prawns, home-made chorizo, the legendary beef chop and salted anchovy on toast. Interestingly, the ingredients for his tasting menu are supplied by his farm animals.


Gaggan, located in Bangkok, Thailand, is considered the best restaurant in Asia owing to its creativity and reinvention. Chef Gaggan Anand includes a host of dishes like the spherified Yoghurt Explosion to create a dining experience with the warmth of Thai hospitality. The guests at the restaurant are given a list of 25 emojis to make each dish a surprise. They get to taste dishes like Indian sushi, magic mushrooms and sea urchin ice cream after which they are given a list of what they have just consumed.


This restaurant is located again in Lima, Peru and ranks eighth. The tasting menu of the restaurant includes Peruvian-Japanese bites along with a classic sushi counter and a la carte options. The place is a popular spot for business dinners and special occasions. Chef Mitsuhara Micha Tsumara is the owner of Maido which is the second best Latin American restaurant. The highlights of his Nikkei cuisine include a fish hot dog, nigari, dim sum with squid and sea urchin rice.


This restaurant is located in San Sebastian, Spain. Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz or simply Andoni is one of Spain’s most pioneering chefs. The meals, usually of 20 courses, are served in the gorgeous gardens around the restaurant if the weather permits. The cuisine is a combination of the elements of sea and mountains including oysters, squid, pigtails and young garlic omelette. Other specialities of the menu include loin of lamb smoked over eucalyptus and served with cultivated wool and sandwich of local cheese.


Located in Vienna, Austria, this restaurant is family-owned since generations. It is known for its cutting-edge cooking under the guidance of Chef Heinz Reitbauer. The design of the restaurant is super-modern with its monolithic glass cube and the interior boasts of international fine dining. The chef makes the dishes with local ingredients and makes use of precise techniques to take them to a whole new level. The signature dish made with freshwater mountain fish char is cooked in hot beeswax at the table and then taken in to return on a plate with pollen, yellow carrot and sour cream.


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