Top Conspiracy Theories


There are a number of conspiracy theories doing rounds in the world and it is thought that many people believe in these. Conspiracy theory is an explanation that makes reference to a malicious group aiming for some wicked act. Such a theory need not be false but, is usually against the widely accepted version of the same event. Once a theory pops up, it no more remains a theory and becomes a fact of history and people eventually come to believe it. Let us go through 10 such conspiracy theories which became popular in course of time.

1. Secret group controlling world

According to this theory, a secret group named Illuminati has been into the process of controlling the world and is about to make a one world government. Their aim is to eliminate national boundaries along with people’s identities and make a New World Order gaining a total authoritarian control. There are many versions of this theory where different groups like the Jewish people, the Freemasons and the globalists are trying to achieve the same.

2. President Obama was not born in the US

The theory states that President Obama was not born in the US and could be a secret Muslim. According to it, Obama was born in Kenya and is not a citizen of the US making it illegal for him to run for US Presidency. This mainly aims to take back the control from him as a President. As an answer to this, Obama produced a long-form birth certificate to show that he was born to an American mother and a Kenyan father, the place of birth being Hawaii. But, not everybody was ready to accept this.

3. The 9/11 attack was an inside job

A lot of people believe in the theory that the terrorist attacks that happened on 9/11 were actually staged by the US government. According to them, the government under Bush had prior knowledge about the attack and let it happen so that they could invade Iraq. They stress that the fuel from the plane that attacked the World Trade Centre towers were not enough to melt the beams and this was actually the work of a controlled demolition.

4. Reptilians are running the world

This theory can be considered as a version of the secret group controlling the world theory. This was opined by David Icke who is a British professional conspiracy theorist. He is also a known face in the ‘truther’ movement. According to a survey, some 12 million Americans support this theory. They believe that the top officials of the US government are actually controlled by reptilian aliens who are shape-shifting. These aliens are supposedly controlling the human beings to convert them into mindless slaves for their own purposes.

5. JFK Assassination

A national survey done in the year 2013 revealed that 51 percent of Americans believe that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was actually the end-result of a conspiracy. This started spreading after the horrific murder of President Kennedy in 1963 which had no clear explanation for who did this brutal act. The shooter Lee Harvey Oswald got the blame even though the theory suggested the involvement of more shooters than officially claimed.

6. Aliens are contacting us

The story about aliens coming to our planet is age-old and it is still not clear whether it is true or not. There have been mysteries like the crashing of a flying saucer in Roswell, New Mexico in the year 1947. Many believe that this has been covered up by the government and has links to a top-secret military base named Area 51. This is supposed to be the base where experimental research is carried out. There are rumours that the research is actually on aliens and their technology.

7. Fake moon landing

The validity of the most important scientific achievement of the previous century is questioned as part of a conspiracy theory. According to it, man landing on the moon was faked. Many believe that the landing was orchestrated by American government and NASA to raise the pride of the country. The flag that moves in the pictures of the moon is shown as a proof to this theory. The supporters say that this should not happen as there is no wind in space. Some even say that the movie director Stanley Kubrick was behind this fake footage.

8. FDA is withholding the cancer cure

This theory suggests that the FDA and Big Pharma actually know the cure for cancer but, they are not ready to make the medicine yet. It is a known fact that Big Pharma is not very popular among the public. For this theory to be true, it requires the support of millions of people in different sectors. Also, it is easier to believe that selling the medicine for cancer would actually earn them a lot of money and they would surely make the medicine for the sake of the people in their families suffering from the disease.

9. Chemtrails

The conspiracy theory of chemtrails is yet another theory that has spread widely all over the world. According to this theory, the trails made by the planes in the sky are chemtrails which is a type of chemical sprayed by the government to control population. But, the truth is that the trails are actually contrails made by the combination of vapour from the engine of the plane and low temperatures at high altitudes.

10. The Holocaust did not happen

The Holocaust was a genocide which happened in the 1940s where millions of European Jews were killed by German Nazis. The supporters of this conspiracy theory believe that the Holocaust did not happen for real. This could be confusing because the incident is well-documented in the history with thousands of photos and films. The result of a survey conducted in 100 countries says that only 54 percent of the population of the world has heard of the Holocaust. And only a one-third of this believes that the incident is true.

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