Top Snowboard Brands

Snowboarding is an amazing recreational activity in which the rider comes down a slope covered with snow. The rider’s feet are attached to a snowboard to make the descend smooth. It is an Olympic sport loved by many. Its popularity has increased in the recent years and hence a large number of companies have come up with their own unique snowboards. This makes it tougher for people to find out which brand is actually good for them. Here is a list of top 10 snowboard brands known for their innovation, quality and style.

Burton Snowboards:

Burton is a popular name in the snowboarding industry ever since and have become the most favored brand in the sport. Riders turn to this brand due to the snowboard gear of high quality they have been making since 1977. The company is committed to research, development and design and the emphasis they lay on innovation is worth mentioning. The brand makes snowboards for women and men of every skill level. Burton has a huge collection of clothing, bindings, helmets, boards, boots and everything you require to be snowboarding ready.

K2 Snowboarding:

Basically a ski company, K2 was founded by businessman Bill Kirschner and has been in the industry for over 50 years. They started making snowboards in the early 1990s. K2 has good experience in making high-quality skis that have brought home several awards. Later, they applied the same strategies to create snowboards again of top-quality. The company is based in Seattle and continues making the best bindings, boots, gear and snowboards. Being one of the best snowboard manufacturers in the United States, K2 has sponsored many professional snowboarders.

Ride Snowboards:

Ride Snowboards is in the industry of snowboard manufacturing for over 19 years and have been doing great since then. The boards and gears made by the company are excellent and have fans across the globe. In addition, they design bindings, boots and outerwear for every type of rider. The company with the help of professional snowboarders is always in the process of testing different techniques and innovations to make the best use of snowboard technology. Their motto says that their gears and boards are made ‘for the people’.

Rome SDS:

Rome SDS or Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate was launched in the year 2001with just three snowboards. The company then continued expanding and now makes gloves, bindings, gear, boots and boards. They consider the suggestions of everyday riders and incorporate these in their snowboard making. They are very particular about quality and their commitment to the customers has made them popular among riders. An important feature that makes Rome SDS stand out from others is the healthy communication they maintain with testers, riders and even shop owners to make their products better every day.

Lib Technologies:

Also known as Lib Tech, Lib Technologies is best identified for the innovative designs they bring about in snowboards. They have some amazing improvements that enhance the performance of the snowboards like Banana Technology rocker shape and Magne-Traction edges. The innovative ideas of the company have enhanced the riding experience for many a riders and hence the popularity. This American snowboard manufacturer comes under the parent company called Mervin Manufacturing. They have their manufacturing base near Sequim where they produce skateboards and snowboards.

Jones Snowboards:

Jeremy Jones is the world’s most popular backcountry rider whose passion for snowboarding has made him take up more interest in the sport. This mountain freerider has taken initiative in making the best high-performance boards for people who love snowboarding. The company he owns makes the best splitboards and backcountry gear. It is also famous for making high end snowboards for freeriders with graphics that are mountain-themed and wooden topsheets. Jones comes up with innovative ideas every year and launch new boards to attract the riders.

Arbor Snowboards:

Arbor Snowboards is part of Arbor Collective and started manufacturing snowboards in the year 1995. The specialty about their snowboards is that these are environment-friendly. The goal of the company is to utilize as many sustainable products as they can to build their snowboards. But, it is interesting to note that these boards are never compromised on performance and experience. Tasting success in the manufacture of quality snowboards has motivated them to start new ventures like making skateboards, clothing and gear.


GNU Snowboards is one of the first companies that took up the manufacture of handmade snowboards in the United States. It has been in the industry since the year 1977 and has maintained a great snowboarding sensibility since then. The company remains the favorite of serious riders due to their high-performance boards. It also makes apparel, speed entry bindings and accessories apart from snowboards. GNU falls under the bigger manufacturer Mervin Manufacturing that allows the company to maintain its style. GNU makes boards that are affordable for all riders. The snowboards are built with innovative technologies and the company makes use of the wonders of Science for this.

Never Summer Industries:

Never Summer Industries came into the industry in the year 1983 and since then have been successful in making quality snowboards. It is based in Colorado and also makes longboards. They have built good reputation over the years and their experience in the field has resulted in top-quality handmade products. The company is keen on making high-performance snowboards that last long. There are a wide variety of boards available to suit each rider’s style and preference. They give great care to detail and craftsmanship while making these boards. There is also a clothing line owned by the company apart from the board line.

Capita Snowboarding:

This company has attracted attention due to the use of durable, environment-friendly substances in making their snowboards. They use biodegradable top sheets, recycled ABS sidewalls, and environmental-friendly inks to make boards that deliver high performance. Capita has become one of the best snowboard brands due to the quirky graphics, top-quality materials, versatility and the best craftsmanship.


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